Recycling at MASWU

MASWU offers a variety of ways to make recycling easier for the citizens of McPherson County. The Utility encourages our residents to recycle for the benefit of the environment. Please see below for information about Commercial Recycling, Residential Curbside Recycling, and Recycling Drop-Off Sites.


  • MASWU has a wide range of recycling opportunities for businesses in McPherson County. Recycling containers are available in regular carts, 1 yard, 2 yard, 3 yard, 4 yard, 6 yard and 8 yard sizes. These services are of great benefit in many ways. Please call 620-241-6559 to find the service that best fits your needs.


  • MASWU currently offers curbside recycling to residents in the Cities of Galva, Inman, Lindsborg, Marquette, McPherson and Moundridge. Recyclables can be commingled loosely in the cart provided. Please do not sort or separate materials.
  • Curbside recycling is offered biweekly. The blue recycling containers are serviced every other week on the same day the trash is serviced.
  • The residential recycling schedule is on our home page. Click here to be redirected to the current recycling calendar on the home page.

Recycling Drop-Off Sites

There is a recycling drop-off center located at the MASWU Transfer Station and a number of other drop-off sites located in the incorporated cities thoughout the county. Drop-off locations and hours of operations are listed below. The days and hours of operation are sometimes changed around holidays. To confirm the times and hours of operation, contact the site at the number listed.

  • MASWU Transfer Station (620) 241-6559
    • 1431 17th Avenue, McPherson, KS 67460
    • Open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, and Saturday 8am-4pm
  • City of Canton (620) 628-4916
    • S. 4th Street, Canton, KS 67428
    • Open 24 Hours
  • City of Inman (620) 585-2122
    • Intersection of S. Elm  and W. Morgan, Inman, KS 67546
    • Open 24 Hours
  • City of Lindsborg (785) 227-3355
    • E. McPherson St., Lindsborg, KS 67456
    • Open 24 Hours
  • City of Marquette (785) 546-2205
    • N. Phillips, Marquette, KS 67464
    • Open 24 hours
  • City of Moundridge (620) 345-8246
    • E. Cole, Moundridge, Ks 67107
    • Open 24 Hours
    • Burn Site 2.5 miles south of town. Please take large items there or to the MASWU Transfer Station. Call for more information.
  • City of Windom (620) 489-6221
    • N. Main, Windom, KS
    • Open 24 Hours

Unless otherwise noted (see signage on the containers), materials for recycling do not need to be sorted. Simply place the items together in the provided containers. This is called commingled or single stream recycling.