McPherson Area 
Solid Waste Utility

Yard Waste at the MASWU Transfer Station

MASWU provides a variety of yardwaste services.  MASWU also accepts yardwaste at our Transfer Station.  For details see below, or call us at (620) 241-6559.  Landscaping materials currently available can be found at the bottom of our home page (click here). 
Yard Waste Services
MASWU offers a Yard Cart Service to residents in the City of McPherson. Residents of the City of McPherson may subscribe to a weekly yard waste pickup service. The billing is done quarterly. You will be provided a special cart for your yard waste which will be picked up every Monday. Click here for details about the service.
Compost Area
The Transfer Station maintains an area for composting that accepts yard waste and other organic material that can be chipped, shredded or made into compost. Compost is available to customers at no charge. This helps save valuable landfill space and produces a product we can all benefit from. For more information please see below. 
Yard Material Accepted
At the Transfer Station, there is a drop off site for yard waste. Yard waste consists of grass, leaves, weeds, garden and flowerbed plants, bush and tree trimmings, fallen branches, and other plant waste. There are designated areas for lighter and heaver weight material.  MASWU does not provide pull-off assistance.  If you are unable to unload your vehicle yourself, MASWU recommends that you bring someone with you to help unload your yard waste.
Most of the materials are turned into compost. Compost is available to residents of McPherson County. Charges are listed toward the bottom of the home page of the website which you can access by clicking here. When leaving materials in the yard waste area, the following guidelnes need to be observed:
  • Any form of bundling must be removed. This includes bags, boxes, strings, straps and ties. 
  • Sort out any non-yard materials (pop cans, wrappers, bags, lumber, furniture, etc.) that are in your yard waste and put them in the appropriate location. 
  • Any branch or trunk sections that are over 12 inches in diameter are put in a different pile.
  • The transfer station at 1431 17th Ave does not accept anything that is larger than 24 inches in diameter, nor do we accept root balls. Root balls and sections that are larger than 24 inches in diameter need to go to the MASWU Landfill at 1481 Pueblo Road. The MASWU C&D Landfill is open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.
Please feel free to call us at (620)241-6559 with any questions you may have.